Working in the Pilbara region many occupations are such that employees sometimes encounter highly venomous snakes in or near their work place. Therefore Pilbara Pythons offers a one hour training session on “Snakes and Safety in the Workplace”.  

Encountering a snake in the workplace can be a most distressing situation for many people, particularly if they have no idea what to do.  Worse still, if the situation is tackled incorrectly, it can be life-threatening.

Fortunately there are a number of simple and sound practical ways of minimizing the risk of snake bite under these circumstances.  With a basic understanding of snake behaviour, the appropriate methods to employ in such circumstances are logical and no longer guesswork.

There are also factors which contribute to the likelihood of snakes occurring on work sites.  The ability to recognise these and do something about those that you can, will significantly reduce the likelihood of snakes being encounters on a given worksite.

Our “Snakes and Safety in the Workplace” program covers:

Basic identification of venomous snakes - live venomous snakes are utilised in this exercise;
What to do immediately you spot a potentially venomous snake;
What follow up is required after the initial snake sighting and why;
What NOT to do when you sight a snake and why;
Making the work place environment less attractive to snakes;
Feeling more comfortable around snakes - live non-venomous pythons are utilised in this “hands-on” exercise.


At the conclusions of his training session participants will be able to:
Identify likely venomous snakes on sight.
Know how to react appropriately to the presence of a venomous snake in order to minimise any danger to themselves or their co-workers.
Recognise those conditions likely to attract snakes to a worksite and know what steps are required to minimise these.
Feel more confident in dealing with snakes in the workplace as a result of their understanding of the animal's behaviour.
React less emotionally to the presence of live snakes as a result of exposure to harmless live snakes in the group situation.

Cost of a one hour training session is $500.
One session can accommodate up to 20 participants.