Payment details
For direct deposit payments the bank details are as follows

ANZ Bank Port Hedland
Account name: Pilbara Pythons
BSB number:016 790
Account number:4982 53485

Alternatively you can send a money order made out to Donelle Bleakley to:
Address: 2 Sutcliffe Rd Moresby W.A 6530

Please remember, if making any internet banking transfers you must include your name or we will have no idea which customer you are.

Export consignment fee  (not applicable to W.A customers)
Export fee to areas outside of W.A is $180 per consignment up to five reptiles.

This effectively means that if you decide that you want to import five reptiles in one consignment then that $180 covers all of the five reptiles. This works out at a cost of $36 per reptile. You can if you want to import more than five reptiles on a single consignment but have to pay $10 for every additional reptile e.g. $190 for 6 reptiles, $200 for 7, $210 for 8 etc.

Your Requirements
After payment has been received you will need to supply us with a copy of your import licence when you receive it before we can proceed with any application to export. These days it is quicker and easier simply to scan it and send it as an e-mail. When we receive this we apply for our export permit this can take up to 5 working days to be approved but usually will be issued within 24 hours. Please remember all reptiles will need to be paid for in full before we can proceed with our application.
If communicating via e-mail please provide a contact number as this is very important
for us to contact you on the day of transportation of any reptiles.

Licence Details
To apply for your import permit you will need our licence details
Licence holder :   David Mackintosh
Licence number:  D5000043
Address: 2 Sutcliffe Rd Moresby W.A 6530

Reserving advertised reptiles
Advertised reptiles can be reserved for a maximum of 7 days without any payment.  After 7 days any reserved reptiles will need to be paid for in full or they will be re listed.  We will no longer accept deposits.

All transportation is handled by Qantas Freight and is air port pick up only.
A minimum cost is $90. We will always advise customers by phone of the Qantas Air Freight consignment number allocated.  

Receiving Freight
We would please ask that upon receiving live reptiles that you contact us via e-mail or phone to confirm the safe arrival of your purchase. This is for our own peace of mind and to know that the reptiles arrived safely.

We will always guarantee the quality of reptiles supplied to the best of our abilities and will replace or refund payment if any reptile is not as described or should prematurely die by no fault of the customer. Any reptile that develops any health issues upon arrival must be reported to us to discuss replacement or treatment. Failure to do so will void our given warranty.

Any additional information or help please ring Dave or Donelle at Pilbara Pythons on 08 9938 2454