Don't be misled by the name. Pilbara Pythons is licensed to supply up to 40 different species of quality West Australian reptiles and frogs, both captive bred and wild caught. Although we primarily supply to licensed keepers and dealers in WA, we are also able to supply animals to licence holders elsewhere in Australia.

In addition to our reptile sales, we run educational training courses on dealing with snakes in the work place, with the emphasis on personal safety.  Also in the education category, Pilbara Pythons is proud to provide an ever-expanding range of free educational materials.  These are designed to be entertaining and enjoyable, while at the same time educating the user about our native reptiles and frogs.  A range of different resources has been made available to cater for different age groups.

We are highly experienced in keeping and breeding reptiles, having been involved in this for the past 30 years, the last 6 of these in WA.  With that level of experience behind us, Pilbara Pythons' is able to provide reptiles in prime condition and at competitive prices, whether local or interstate.  Before offering wild caught specimens for sale, we ensure that these animals have been appropriately quarantined, fully wormed to rid them of all parasites and, where possible, feeding. Where an ordered animal has to be caught, we will not pass it on until we are satisfied it meets our stringent criteria.  So please be aware that this will obviously delay the delivery of such animals - from the time caught to the time they are available for collection.

Depending on sales and newly available animals, we update the stock available section of the website on a weekly basis, where possible.  Sometimes field trips to remote locations can hold things up.

Along with the commercial side of the business, we are also very committed to education about our pursuits.  We believe very strongly that through developing an interest and understanding, particularly at a young age, more people will take an active role in the care and conservation of our native reptiles and frogs.  Towards this end Pilbara Pythons will continue to build on our existing free educational resources. In the meantime - enjoy what we have to offer!